Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I was a lucky enough girl to start out my busy wedding season with a great one. I have been looking forward to M and K's wedding since their engagement photo session in January. First of all they are a great couple, easygoing and you can see a quiet encouragement of each other. Secondly the wedding took place very near my hometown. Thirdly it was a German wedding. What made it a German wedding will be explained to you... Every so often I get to shoot a wedding that during the reception, Sie Leben Hoch is performed. Sie Leben Hoch roughly means "Long may you live". I always thought this was a tradition brought from Germany. I thought wrong. This tradition was created in the Frankenmuth, Frankentrost and German Lutheran areas in the Saginaw Valley located in the Thumb region of Michigan. This was all explained by the official Sie Leben Hoch caller at the reception. He also spoke of the raising up of the couple in the chairs and in the hearts of everyone who participates. When he explained that by participating, you are lifting the couple up to great heights in their marriage. After what I had witnessed that day, by their friends and family, nothing could have been more true. I have shot my share of weddings and I was amazed not only by the love for M and K but by the support their friends, family and pastor are willing to give for the rest of their life.Blessings to you M and K. Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.