Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I had a great session last night. About a month ago I had a big wedding to shoot and I needed help, I needed help on the cheap. I enlisted my neighbor to help me out, in turn, she got a sweet deal on a family session. If you have looked at my work, these faces will look familiar to you. While they may look familiar to you, they mean so much more to me. I get to see these faces every other day. They play with my daughters, they make me say "Ok now, it's getting a little loud in here, why don't you head on outside." They make my heart melt at their kindness. They make me laugh. They make me laugh a lot. They bring me goodies their mama baked. They sing their hearts out. They love to dance. They love to put on a show. They love to plan and debate the plans. They have amazing tender hearts. One loves to read and teach. One loves to dazzle you. One loves to seek solitude when it all gets to be too much with the neighborhood kids. One loves to be so silly that even she cracks herself up.
Most of all these two are sisters. They love and care for each other deeply. I love to watch how one leads and the other follows. I love to watch how that changes and they innately know who needs to be in charge of what.

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